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Primitive Style Blades For Buckskinners, Longhunters, Single-Action Shooters, Fur Traders, Mountain Men, Survivalists, and Other Re-enactors.

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     I use what is called "Dendritic D2 steel" for the blades. The word "Dendritic" comes from the fact that as cast steel cools in the shape of a blade, diamond-hard carbide dendrites form like frost crystals throughout the steel. Then when a blade is sharpened, tempered, and final honed, those carbide crystals are exposed at the cutting edge like microscopic chainsaw teeth. The result is a tough blade that cuts longer than anything you've probably used before.  I once cut more than 400 slices off the end of a half-inch thick piece of Manila rope with a skinner made from one of our #22 blades.  D2 is the steel they use to make dies for stamping other steel parts.  It is tough! I routinely drop blades point first on the cement shop floor to test their strength. All that's happened is that I have a lot of holes in the floor.  So far no point has broken or turned.

I'm using S5 shock resistant steel for my hawks and the ferroulithic arrowheads. This is as tough as you can get. I'm actually recycling rock drills and Jackhammer bits. I don't think there's a better steel where impact is concerned.