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Primitive Style Blades For Buckskinners, Longhunters, Single-Action Shooters, Fur Traders, Mountain Men, Survivalists, and Other Re-enactors.

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I have a small family-run business dedicated to helping do-it-yourself knife makers.  We've perfected techniques which allow us to cast steel blades with very exact detail from original blades that are hand-forged from files and rasps, or flaked from stone.  I've been a custom knife maker for years, having been admitted to the Knife Makers Guild in 1974.  I also have a blacksmith shop, and twenty years experience in metal-casting so investment casting was the logical way to duplicate primitive blades.  I forge the originals and make the molds.  Then we produce wax models which are investment-cast in D2 steel, a superior knife steel which we heat treat to a Rockwell hardness of 58.  I hand-grind the blades once before and once after heat treating.  Then the blades are given a black patina with cold gun blue that looks just like blades fresh from a blacksmith's tempering oil.  Then they are hand sharpened on a series of stones to produce a razor edge.  That's how we ship them.