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Gary Kelley
17485 SW Pheasant Lane
Beaverton, OR 97006

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I make authentically styled Early American primitive edged tools for reeanctors, living history enthusiasts and hunters.


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 Gary Kelley

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Competition Throwing Hawk Gallery

Large Competition Throwing Hawk
Hawk Prototype
Jeff  Nason's 1st Place Kelley Hawk
Custom Copper wrap and forged
Custom Presentation
Etched Dendritic
S5 Hawk

Michael's Hawk and Belt Sheath Spudkiller's Custom Competition Hawk Andy's Custom Heart Hawk

Bob's Competition

Raunchy with Kelley Hawk, 1st Place

Hoot with her Kelley Thunderhawk

Competition Hawk

Comes with a flame-hardened hickory handle and rawhide reinforced horse-hide sheath.
Available $160


Competition Throwing Hawk Description

 This hawk is for experienced throwers. It weighs 1 and ¼ pounds And comes with a flame-hardened hickory handle and a saddle leather blade cover. After two years of field-testing the prototype, interviewing winning hawk throwers, and using it in competition myself, I finally have a design with the “feel” I was looking for.

There are several design features specific to my hawk. The Kelley Competition Hawk has a high forward-slanting tip and a thin-ground blade for better target penetration. The heads are precision Investment cast in S5 shock-resistant steel tempered to Rockwell C55. I know of no better steel for this application. If I did I’d use it. The blade has a 4-inch cutting edge (legal in MLNRA competition), and a flat poll for stake pounding around camp. Notice the distinctive “two finger” grip under the blade for carrying the hawk between targets. All edges are rounded for comfort and safety. You can even “twirl” this hawk, like a six-gun, if you feel like showing off.

This hawk isn’t for beginners. If you’re an experienced competitor you’ll soon appreciate the difference in this hawk and others. If you’ve reached a “plateau” in your throwing, this hawk can help you reach the next level. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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