This Nessmuk hunter's bag axe is one of the First prototypes. It is made of cast 5160 carbon steel (recycled ball bearings). The Rockwell hardness is 55-57. Overall length is 10 1/2 inches. Head length is 4 3/4 inches. Head width is 2 3/8 inches at the cutting edge.

This is the last of the 5160 Nessmuk's I'll make. The ball bearings are too hard to melt and cast. 6160 doesn't flow as well as D2 or 1095.

The sheath is saddle leather with a copper inlay with my signature engraved on the copper. The sheath closes with a stag antler button and brain tanned buckskin thong. Total weight of the Nessmuk axe and sheath is 1.9 ounces.