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Gary Kelley
17485 SW Pheasant Lane
Beaverton, OR 97006

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I make authentically styled Early American primitive edged tools for reeanctors, living history enthusiasts and hunters.


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Francisco Throwing Axe

Hawk Axes made by Gary Kelley.

Kelley Competition Throwing Hawk Medium Sized Throwing Hawks Trail Hawks Francisca, Frankish Throwing Axe

Trail Hawks Defined

My “trail hawk” fills a niche between the crash-and-bash throwing hawks, and a collectable pipe hawk you wouldn’t dare take off the wall. I wanted a using hawk with modest, but authentic decoration .

My trail hawk is made of Dendritic S5 steel, like the throwing hawks, and it can be thrown. But, because of the decoration, it’s better suited for use around camp, chopping kindling, pounding tent stakes, and at your side on a trek as a light weight all purpose camp tool with a period look you can enjoy using.

Decorations may include hammered sheet copper wrap, copper wire wrap, rawhide wrap, beads, dangles with hand wrought copper cones and buffalo, badger, porcupine, or coyote hair. The handgrip is usually left plain.

Sheaths for trail hawks are matched to the style of the hawk, in either a belt sheath style, or over-the-shoulder carry that places the hawk at your waist. Materials may include my hand-processed buckskin or rawhide over a saddle leather core. Sheaths are hand-fitted to a specific hawk and decorations will match that hawk. Sheaths are priced individually.

Trail hawks will be listed here as they become available.



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